This Kid Has Heart (#154)
The Meaning of Mercury (#156)

Autism Dot Com (#155)

Or rather, If you type that URL into your web browser, you will come right here to My Son Has Autism.
There's been a tempest in a flash drive brewing in the autism blogosphere about "a certain someone" registering certain domain names so that some innocent internet surfer (or autism parent) might go here or here and think they were going to this or to a website with information in keeping with a domain name like "supportvaccination dot com," and instead end up at Generation Rescue. (Kev at Left Brain/Right Brain posted about the practise of buying up domain names as borderline "black hat SEO.") takes you right here to, well, Autismland. takes you right here to a three-bedroom 1920's era house in northern New Jersey (close enough to New York that the sky to the east is always lit by the city's glow) whose every room has a few precisely placed items (a puzzle box, a pile of photos, a hop ball, a deflated bop bag, a plastic pumpkin, size 4 black slip-on shoes). takes you into straight into the daily life--the reality show--of a boy named Charlie, and a supporting cast of therapists, an autism consultant, teachers, relatives, and Jim (aka Joe Autism Dad) and me.
Eyezcoverup brings you Life With Autism 24/7, uncensored (though at times rather poetically, even allegorically, described through references to the ancient Greeks and Romans (who I teach about as part of my day job). takes you to exciting locales like Target, one of four grocery stores, the Pulaski Skyway (whose exit ramp will be flooded tomorrow, due to tonight's constant rain), the office front where Charlie does verbal behavior, our town's indoor swimming pool, and my car, and all through the eyes of me, Jane Autism Mom, trying to channel what Charlie sees. (I don't expect to succeed, but I do my best to try.)
Bedsidedining takes you right into my bed, because that's where Charlie decided to have an afternoon snack of cold brown rice my mom had made for his lunch. Later, he brought up the pot I usually use to cook his rice and set it on a stool, as if more of his favorite carbohydrate would cook up there and then.

BTW, Autism Dot Com will take you here. Autismland Dot Com lands you in my living room, close enough to hear Charlie's latest words ("no Jersey") and tunes (A Pair of Brown Eyes); to smell the "chicken white rice" cooking; to look my boy in the eye, "say hi," and to shake his long-fingered hand.

And to travel with us in a differently beautiful new land. In Autismland.


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