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Those were the last words of Weapons of Autistic Destruction: Violent Words and Violent Deeds, which I wrote yesterday on AutismVox about three-year-old Katherine McCarron, killed by her mother. Today, May 24th, is the Katherine McCarron Memorial on the AutismHub.

My post breaks down in the middle and becomes incoherent. Try as I might, I could not gather its threads together.

I decided to publish the post as it was, in its broken, fragmentary form.

That is all an autism mother can do when she has no words.


Laura Cottington

I have been trying to formulate something to post as well, but just am so sick about it. But, I suppose silence in these situations is not right. We have to post and share the tragedies and memorialize the beautiful souls. Thank you for doing that here and on Autismvox, unfragemented words are hard to come by in times like these.


I'm probably going to put up something on my LiveJournal blog pointing people at all the links. (Not hard to do, they just go to my friends page, skip anything long, the links are there.)

And I'm probably going to cry about it in the next 48 hours.

Kristina Chew

I've been reading the articles by P. Luciano about it in the

----reading these is probably going to extend the crying around here.

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