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A Love Supreme (#368)

We were on the road, literally, at 7.30am today, headed for Philadelphia where I gave a presentation on teaching classical Greek and other foreign languages at the annual meeting of the American Classical League.

Jim has been noting Charlie's sitting-on-the-edge-of-the-back-seat interest to certain CDs:

Don Sugarcane Harris, blues violonist.
John Coltrane, on the saxophone.
Jimi Hendrix, on electric guitar.

This is not the music I like to listen to while driving solo (=rushing to pick up Charlie); I favor melody-driven, emotion-packed songs about the heart by female singers.

And then I hear Charlie humming "uh wub suh-peeem, uh wub suh-peeem," echoing Coltrane's "A Love Supreme."

"His face really lights up with some of that Jimi Hendrix---that 'The Wind Cries Mary,'" Jim said to me. "Maybe he'll be a rock and roller."

A kind of electric, amped-up, industrial sound, is what Charlie has been liking. A sound I am learning to like.

Charlie was humming still as we drove over the Ben Franklin bridge, and as he and Jim dropped me off to give my paper and went to meet Charlie's friend from "Phil-dell-ia---How!"
After I had given my paper, I went back out on Spruce Street to meet my guys and saw them across the street. Charlie came running down a ramp, smiling, easy, peaceful.

"Beautiful brick buildings in Philly," said Jim as we drove and I strained to read the historical markers and Hal nodded.

"Uh wub suh-peeem."

Charlie sang that off and on during the rest of our Sunday roadtrip, up to central Jersey where we visited an old friend, and then Jim's mother in the hospital, and then got a very pleased Charlie a burrito, and then a piano lesson, and then a bike ride.

And then I heard Charlie singing "May-bee Sparrow" in the shower.

It's a song I like to sing, alone in the car. Or together, with Charlie.


Soapbox mom

How unusual that his tastes are different than yours....NOT! ;o) Welcome to the life of a pre-teen, Kristina! At least he's got good taste. No rap, yet.
The boy will frequently hum and sing, and it's so beautiful, but I am not allowed to comment on it, look at him and smile, or GOD FORBID sing along. I am the perfect faux-oblivious fan.

Kristina Chew

It's his dad's music he favors----I am the odd girl out!

And enjoying the new sounds in the car.

Wade Rankin

Anyone who like Coltrane is okay in my book. The Little Rankster is partial to Ray Charles while riding in our car.


I'd say that my tastes and preference for female singers are closer to yours than Jim and Charlies from what I've read, but since you do indeed seem to be the odd girl out, thank goodness that Jim and Charlie still have very good taste.

Kristina Chew

We'll have to try Ray!

I rather like being the odd girl out----I used to listen to sisters duo, the Nields, and Charlie would always start looking very agitated.


so funny, kristina. fluffy and his dad tend toward the hard rockin' stuff, me not as much. ages ago i switched off a RAMMIN' rap song in the car, sure it was aggitating and damaging fluffy's tender constitution when he enthusiastically called out, AGAIN! as if we were listening to Elmo sing the alphabet.

Kristina Chew

Ha! Neither Jim nor I are rap listeners, though I make one exception, for the Sri Lankan Londoner M.I.A. And I think I heard Charlie once singing her "Galang," unless it was "Twinkle Star"....


I wonder how he'd like Bela Fleck?

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