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No News (#483)

Today's lack of eventfulness was in direct proportion to yesterday's bike accident and our subsequent worry that Charlie had broken his jaw. At 8.20am this morning, Charlie smiled at the mention of his teacher's name and trotted out, backpacked and blue sweatshirted, to meet the bus.
"He fell off his bike," I--too mindful of the scab under his nose---said to the bus driver. Charlie walked to his seat and the bus drove off. The bus came back, he ate a bowl of rice Veronica had cooked, we went to the drugstore to get his medicine refilled, he practiced piano. There were only two large half-watermelons left at the grocery store and I had Charlie carry one out as I walked ahead (with the lighter bag). "Wah-err mehwon," Charlie grinned and stood right at my elbow as I sliced it up.

Another mundane Monday.

On a day when the top autism headline seems to be that TV may cause autism, no news is good news, right?

Someone took the plastic blue Little Tykes table that Charlie began his first learning at. We had left it out in front of our house; I hope its new owners will make as much good use of it as Charlie did, starting back in late September of 1999. To continue the chronolog ( left off at this post) of Charlie's Education, here a summary of where Charlie's learning took place, both at home and in several schools.

Late September, 1999. Charlie starts a 40 hours/week home ABA program run by the Lovaas Agency in St. Paul, Minnesota.

June, 2000. We move back to St. Louis, Missouri; Jim and I continue Charlie's ABA; several therapists visit from Minnesota.

September, 2000. Charlie begins a 40 hours/week home program using verbal behavior and administered by the St. Louis Special Schools District.

June 2001. We move back to New Jersey, where Jim is from. Charlie attends a special ed preschool program in New Jersey.

September 2001. Charlie starts a home ABA program that I oversee in consultation with an SLP/ABA therapist from Minnesota.

October 2001. Charlie is placed in a self-contained autism classroom with Miss Kathy after struggling in the preschool program.

October 2001-August 2002. Charlie has a great school year with Miss Kathy.

September 2002-February 2003. Charlie is moved into a classroom whose oldest child is 9 (Charlie is 5). He stays here while we buy a house and move to a small town that is a 45-minute train commute from Manhattan (Jim's previous commute averaged 2 - 2 1/2 hours).

February 2003-August 2003. Charlie's teacher is Mr. Matt; he is the youngest in a class of three older boys. Charlie does not do any home ABA therapy. We go to a gymnastics class and other community activities.

September 2003. Charlie starts in a new school with a new teacher in a self-contained primary-level autism classroom. He stays with this teacher and with some of the students until October 2005.

(to be continued)


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