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When Life Gives You Watermelons.... (#471)


Charlie emerged from the open refrigerator with the half-watermelon I had just bought at the A & P. He held it solemnly in both hands, arms outstretched. "I want."
He had just eaten a bowl of rice with lots of shrimp. I managed to spirit off some of the watermelon into Charlie's lunchbox before he ate.....the whole thing. A half of a watermelon, and not one of those new round ones. (It was mostly water---92%, to be precise.) As the secretary in my office says, Charlie is a big boy, capable of eating sushi, rice, melons and more in quantities and at a speed that makes his grandparents nervous.

Consequently, Charlie was a little water-logged tonight and---after a packed day of school, ABA, bike ride, and a piano lesson (he opened the door for his teacher, paused, ran down to sit at the keyboard)---on the tired side, and so made the connection among body, mind and language ("bah' room") a bit too late. A sure-fire way to have this kind of thing happen repeatedly is for me to show that I'm annoyed or something more (a word that starts with "p" might be thought appropriate) at a new pile of wet clothes just as I was about to take the laundry out of the dryer.

Charlie was soon in a fresh pair of pajamas and I was wondering if I had thrown the green squishy ball into the washing machine when I scooped up my #2 load of laundry. (I had not; the ball was on the carpet.) Charlie had started to giggle at what he had done then went back to watching photos and listening to music on the computer. He was so tired that he rolled the sheets on our bed tightly around himself, and fell asleep.

I went to check on him after not quite an hour and was reminded: Watermelons are 92% water. I pulled off as much of the sheets as I could since Charlie was still rolled up in them, then got him to his feet and dry and into his own bed.

"Squishy ball," said Charlie in his sleep and I handed it to him before putting laundry load #3 into the washing machine.

"Melon" is from the ancient Greek mêlon, which means "apple" and comes to be generically used for "fruit." Etymologically related or not, I also hear the word for "honey"---meli in ancient Greek---in the word "melon": When life gives you a sweet boy, albeit one with a big stomach and a bigger heart, what can you do but mop up the spills at the end of the day?

Especially when that boy is the apple of my eye.



Watermelons are a diuretic.

I always had to make sure my kids didn't eat it late in the day otherwise they'd wet the bed.

Kristina Chew

I was certainly glad that Charlie got more than his daily requirement of fluids!


I was smiling at your post for 2 reasons, I did not know there still were A&P's! And the not so subtle reminder that melon is 92% water!!! LOL I don't know what we would do with out fruit, it is 80% of Fin's diet, and macaroni being the other 15% because neither item needs to be chewed. I will scrap together some photo's for you for the conference.

Kristina Chew

Charlie is a big fruit eater too----and vegetables (cauliflower especially, for some reason). Looking forward to your photos and thank you!

Hsien Lei

I always make S go to the bathroom before he goes to bed but on nights when he falls asleep like Charlie did, I get more than a little anxious and check on him frequently in case he starts showing signs that he needs to go. :P

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