Gold Is In the Eye of the Beholder (#508)
9 Trains (#510)

Loco-Motion (#509)

Get up, ride in the black car with Dad to the car dealership.
Walk to the train in a large town in the hills, take the train. Walk back to our house.

Hour-plus bike ride on a non-November weather November day.

Walk back to the station, take the train. Walk to the dealership (where the black car was getting its regular tune-up, surprise surprise, due to all the driving that we do).

Drive about an hour to a university library where I returned some overdue books.

Drive to a town near where we used to live for Mexican fast food: "G'een guacomolay!"

Drive to Jersey City over the truck bridge to the college where I teach, where I went to see a student production of The Crucible during which Jim and Charlie really got into motion:

  • Walk to the PATH station;
  • Ride the PATH to "Ho-bo-kenn!";
  • Ride the Light Rail up a few towns north;
  • Ride the Light Rail back to Hoboken;
  • Walk around the train station;
  • Ride the PATH back to Journal Square;
  • Walk back down JFK Kennedy Boulevard to "go see Mommy!".

Drive back home with mist coming off the ground.

Charlie lay down in the backseat as if to say Are we there yet?. A smile spread over his face as the car lights lit up the sign for our exit off the highway.

Getting there is all the fun when you're headed for home sweet Autismland at the end of the day.



Wow Loco Motion indeed! Charlie is quite the Commuter!

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