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Our Saturday began and ended at home in New Jersey.
Inbetween we drove around northern NJ in search of a gluten-free cupcake (didn't find one); got on the Turnpike to take the Holland Tunnel into New York City; got off the Turnpike on seeing traffic at a standstill all the way to the Holland Tunnel and drove into Jersey City; parked in a lot of the college I teach at, ran into the library per Charlie's "bahroom" request, and walked down Kennedy Boulevard to Journal Square; just missed the PATH train, boarded one to Hoboken that sat for several minutes and then boarded another that took us to the World Trade Center site (all while Charlie practised his rendition of "Happy Birthday!"); took various subways trains whose letters I do not remember; crossed over West Side Highway to Chelsea Piers; arrived rather late at Sweet M's birthday party!

Charlie took a seat right next to M, whose parents had more than kindly bought not one but three gluten-free cupcakes with different shades of pastel icing, which Charlie made short work of. (Mostly of the icing, I must admit.) Our travel adventure had, alas, resulted in us missing the rock-climbing part of the party; Charlie always likes a celebration and ran up and down the party room after saying his "hi's" and "t'ank oo's" to M's parents. We redonned our coats, Jim sighted Spike Lee as we headed out, then debated whether to take a taxi or walk in the wind, and the choice was made to walk. We crossed town on 23rd street, passing a seemingly block-long brick apartment building and, on the other side of the street, a small brass plaque reading St. Raphael's Verein.

"This used to be completely different," said Jim as we passed yet another fashionably-named and -customered bistro/cafe/eatery. Charlie peered into everyone: "Good thing it's a city of restaurants for you, pal!" Jim laughed.

There were two more subways (I think one was the L) to take to get to the PATH; when it emerged from a tunnel on the Jersey side it was completely dark. The wind was up in Jersey City as we hurried back down Kennedy Boulevard to the black car.

And drove on home to recollect a good day's adventure?

Well, actually............ we proceeded to drive to.................Philadelphia. (The title of this post is "Tristate.") Jim's school, Fordham University, was scheduled to play basketball against Penn at the Palestra and (more importantly) we wanted to visit our old friend Hal so down the Turnpike in the other direction we went. "Car How!" said Charlie, grinning.
As you can tell by the photo at the top of this post, we made it (despite encountering holiday traffic all the way from the Ben Franklin bridge and into central Philly, though being slowed down did enable us to get a thorough look at City Hall, gleaming white in the cold night) and got in the second half of the game. Charlie greeted Hal with the first of several bear hugs and happy grins ("How! How! How!") and looked a bit puzzled when we dropped Hal off after the game.

Traveling with Charlie, traveling to see new friends and old----I think we'd drive, or take subways trains & PATH trains, or walk, many miles more for such good times, in such great company.



I'm so sorry . . . I should have told you that we were going to Babycakes on the Lower Eastside to pick up a GFCF cupcake or two for Charlie. Could have saved you a driveabout, but was so hectic I wasn't even online all week except for work deadlines.

It was *so* great to meet Charlie. Although he is quite lovely in all of his pictures online, what I was dazzled by was the etheric quality he has . . . he's really a treasure, that boy. But then you already know that!

Thanks for making your way across the river for Sweet M's party!


Wow! I'm exhausted after reading that you guys did in one day. I thought MY weekend post was jam packed. You guys were all over creation. No wonder Charlie fell asleep at the movies!

It sounds like he had an absolutely great time, though. And very thoughtful of M to get three GFCF cupcakes. Wonderful!


Found a recipie for gluten-free cupcakes. Maybe you like it:
And sorry for my english I`m german.Greetings!

Kristina Chew

It was beyond lovely to get to meet M! Charlie more than enjoyed the party---thank you Eva for the recipe! More than appreciate it. Charlie loves an action-packed day though our Saturday seems to have been action enough for two days, as it turned out.

what a fantastic day of adventure you all had! how fun to meet sweet M at her birthday party!

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