April 19, 8pm: Autism Mom-bloggers Reading in Brooklyn
Charlie on the Rocks (#617)

Update (#616)

Long time, no post here, I know......... Now that I have finished my spring semester teaching (and I have some weeks to go before teaching summer school) I am working on "the Charlie book," and very happily. Thanks to all who have sent me some wonderful, wonderful emails and to everyone for reading here about Charlie! He has been doing really well. I will be revising and redesigning this website in the upcoming weeks. I am still writing fairly frequently about the continued adventures of Charlie over at Autism Vox. The posts that are specifically about Charlie can all be found if you click on the Charlisms category (and I just put one up about Charlie walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, That Makes 15 Miles: The Holiday Triathlon).

The Autismland journey continues......



Can't wait for the, Charlie Book. I'm very proud of you guys!

Kristina Chew

Hope you are all very well! I'm always glad to hear from you!

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