The Unexpected: Last Day in Athens
Changes Minor, Maybe Major

Taller, Deeper, Bigger

Charlie hanging out in our kitchen, me taking his photo (business as usual, in other words)  Spend nine days away from Charlie and the boy you come back to:

- Has grown a couple of inches, or at least appears to have. (And indeed seems more and more to resemble any number of players in the NCAA tournament, as far as how he stands on incredibly long, lanky legs.)

- Talks with a voice a couple of notches lower. (And is saying a couple of new phrases, to boot.)

- Appears overall bigger than the boy in one's memory. (Is this because memory so loves to play tricks, the image of the boy one carries in one's head being of a far younger, still able to carried, child?) 

Just another example of how traveling changes---opens out---one's perspective.



Have totell you sometimes they wake up taller at this age. We used to say that we could watch my oldest growing as he sat on the coach watching tv. In fact, last night at dinner the boys sat next to each other and we commented how big they both looked. It is funny how all of a sudden it just happens.My youngest son's voice changed o sthat his aunt and grandparents thought it was his older brother and they talk to him and us almost every day.
Teenagehood is an interesting ride.They grow and develop in every way...hence Charlie's new phrases. Good things do come with age.

Kristina Chew

I was especially struck by how much Charlie has grown when I saw him standing next to Jim this morning at a bagel store---from some angles, they look like they are basically the same height!

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