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Charlie's Grandma

Grace Marie Coston Fisher
Jim's mother passed away yesterday afternoon.

She gave Jim his love of history and stories.

She was the first person to know that something was 'not right' with Charlie.

She told me the only place she'd ever liked to have visited besides Ireland, where her mother Honora was from, was China.

We'd gone to see her Saturday morning at the nursing home. She's been very, very ill for a long time and Jim and I had agreed it was okay for Charlie to wait in the car while Jim and I went in separately. Charlie'd been going in to see his grandmother regularly for much of the past year but a couple of months ago he saw two therapy dogs in the front entrance of the nursing home; he was ever after wary of entering. But, as we parked on Saturday, Charlie said he wanted to get out; said 'yes' about seeing Grandma. So (after peering in cautiously through a window to check for dogs) he rode a noisy elevator up to the second floor and saw Grandma, and was able to tell her 'bye Grandma,' one last time. I'm really proud of him for this.

We miss you, Grandma. We love you.

Requiescat in pace, Grace Marie Coston Fisher (1928 - 2010).



I am sorry to hear of your lost.


My condolences to you and Jim, a sad time.
It's nice that you all got to say goodbye, including Charlie. He's a good kid.


Our thougths and prayers are with you, Jim and Charlie. She waited for you all one last time saturday morning before going into heaven's gates.

So happy that you got closure and Charlie was able to as well.

Blessings to you. Prayers for your family in the next few weeks.


I am sorry for your loss.

susan senator

I'm sorry, Kristina. But it sounds like there was some satisfying closure.


Sincere sympathy.


Our condolences to you and your family.


My sincere condolences to you and Jim.
It's nice that Charlie saw and talked to her one last time.


I am so sorry. Sending love your way.


I am so sorry for the loss of Jim's mother. And so very glad that Charlie was able to see her one last time and she him as well. Sending love and good thoughts to you all.

Laura Collins

Condolences from our family to yours.

Laurentius Rex

I am sorry to read that.

BTW I clicked on the book link on the side, looks like it would be a fascinating read.


Our family's sympathies are with all of you. If there is anything that we can do to help you during this week, please let us know. Will you have sitters for Charlie, or will he be accompanying you to the wake, service and such?

Our condolences on having all future Mother's Days also being days of mournful remembrance. You are in our thoughts.

Kristina Chew

thank you so much to everyone---

she was in very poor health, physically and mentally, for many years.

Jim was very, very close to her and it's hardest for him. He tried so hard to help her. Her love of stories and movies was the genesis for On the Irish Waterfront but she could no longer read it when the book came out last summer.

Thanks, Louise---Charlie will be in school during the service. We may try to take him to the wake, depending. I think it's better that way, much as I'd like him to be there---he's already picking up on the emotions around here.


I'm very sorry for your loss. I hope her passing was peaceful and I hope that your grief will be touched with the love you shared.

I am very sorry for Jim's loss too. (My husband is a Jim as well and lost his mother three years ago.)

Because of the way our family is constructed, death has always been a part of life for Ripley, and she processes it and continues to process it and categorize it as she grows. I remember when Jim's mother died, Ripley didn't cry, though she was sad. She knew Grandma Mary's kidney's didn't work correctly and why and she was sad, and misses her. But it was when our dog Raven was dying (he was four when Rip was born and she never knew he wasn't her blood relation) it was MY grief she reacted to, that set her crying and seemed to get her in touch with her own emotional connection to it. She cried then, and was able to tell me that she didn't want Raven to die but she didn't want him to hurt or be sick anymore either. It was kind of a big deal for me, and I'm sorry I didn't mean to make this about me or my kiddo. Just a few of your comments about Charlie picking up on the emotions around him got me thinking about how Ripley does that too and how differently she reacts to things than "typical" kidlets.

I will stop babbling now, and say again, I'm so sorry for your loss, but I am happy she is now out of pain, since you said she has been very ill for some time. May you remember her with a smile more often than tears.

And I'll be really bold here and offer you an internet *hug*.


I'm sorry.I continue to miss my grandmother who raised me most of my life.


I'm so sorry- my heart goes out to all of you, especially to Jim. While I'm glad that her struggle is over, losing a parent is always so hard.

Sending lots of love.

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