Preventative Measures
Rhetorical Questions, from Cicero to Charlie

Carpe Diem Sive Pluat Sive Sit Sol

It was a rainy Sunday and we passed it quietly, around home. Still got in bike rides:

Charlie wearing his latest favorite shirt 'n' pants combo while riding his bike---he got soaked as it was raining intermittently

Change of clothing for a second bike ride (without rain)

Yes, different shirts; Jim and Charlie got semi-soaked on the first ride. It looked like the rain was letting up when they left, but....... it hadn't.

Charlie has been a bit insistent about wearing that green shirt and those blue shorts (in the first photo) of late, so it was good that he had to change his clothes. To vary things up, I have been slipping in a few different shirts 'n' shorts combos. I have thought of getting more shirts and shorts in those particular colors but I have a feeling, Charlie will continue to insist on only that shirt and those shorts. Best to try to keep infusing a little change in his 'uniform' everyday. 


(Though I do suspect having to wear a uniform would be ok, and easier, for Charlie.)

I also think Charlie's been wanting to stick to that shirt and shorts because it's another way he's been trying to hold onto the summer

And hey, I'm still wearing sandals to work.

Though I did just order a new pair of boots---the previous pair got a thorough workout last winter and I have some months of rain and mini-moat puddles to trudge by/through/in when I'm in Jersey City. I do need to get a good pair of boots for Charlie too (and for Jim) as the day will come when there will be ice and snow and we'll really be missing summer.

But for now, we're riding bikes (three times on Sunday---ride #3 involved matching sweatshirts). Even if it's not nice and warm out: Sometimes you just have to seize the moment whether it's rain or sunshine and enjoy the good things in front of you.

The beautifulest bike-sight ever




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