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Thanksgiving, Without the Turkey But Much Else

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We're staying put in a quite literal sense for this Thanksgiving. Charlie does like to be in motion and to go to places but airplane travel is a completely different sort of matter , especially given all the security protocols these days. Too, now that Charlie is so much taller, I am very sure that he would feel extremely cramped in econo-class. He does not like to wear headphones of any size or sort, and I don't think it would go too well with the rest of the passengers and flight crew to hear the music selections on Charlie's iPad.

Since Monday he has been saying 'no school tomorrow,' a sign that he has been very aware of there being a short week at school and then Thanksgiving. Yesterday he woke up at just the right time to take his time getting into the white car. Charlie's class was scheduled to go swimming and he had a good time swimming laps and jumping into the water. He also made the construction paper pilgrim hat I am modeling above, and enjoyed his usual bike ride and an evening lemonade run to the convenience store.

After we got back, Charlie announced that he wanted to go to bed. I helped him find some videos on his iPad and bid him good night.

'Tickle mom,' said Charlie.

This is one of those phrases of Charlie's that means a bit more than it might seem to. 'Tickle,' that is, often means 'come on over here and do something for me,' a relic of Charlie bering asked to 'come and do this and you'll get a tickle' (something Charlie very much liked when he was younger).

Last night though Charlie did not want me to do anything for him. Once I was back in his room, he wanted, I realized, just to tell me something, as he looked me right in the eye and said 'Gong Gong's hand, Po Po's hand, Dad's hand.' Meaning, I'll posit, he has hanging out with my parents on his mind. When younger, we held Charlie's hand all the time (me, inevitably, quite a lot! so that he does not ask me to do so) and he liked to switch whose hand he was holding.

Whatever the meaning of his words, I was quite thrilled that Charlie had called me back into his room just to tell me something.

Yes, in this life, we learn to be thankful for small graces. For a very few words that mean a very lot.




We love the picture! And the conversational boy.

From Sean and I - Happy Thanksgiving to the TTo3!


What a lovely post, I love it when you explain Charlie's use of words, it makes so much sense to me, although Dimitri is non verbal he use pictures and gestures in a very similar way. A few words really can mean so much.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thank you for all the stories of gratitude for Charlie.

Hai Dang

Wish your team of three has a great Thanksgiving!


Beautiful! :-)

Happy Thanksgiving.

Liz Ditz

What a fetching chapeau!

I hope you had a very pleasant Thanksgiving.

I have a lot to be grateful for, including friends here & far away. Like you.

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