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Charlie shovels again

Yes, the shoveling thing again, last evening.

I have to say again, Charlie's way of shoveling snow has that uniquely Charlie-esque quality to it. It's a bit more that he is moving snow so it is, ah, 'properly distributed' in the front yard.

I'm excited that, after trying to show him how to hold shovel for years, he has just been doing it. After all, he did master Non-Verbal Imitation With Objects (one of his first ABA programs, except the objects then were a block and a bucket) some 11 1/2 years ago. Jim thinks that, after watching us working away with the shovels for all these years (Jim especially), Charlie just up and decided he'd give it a try too.

We're supposed to get more snow Wednesday evening, so I guess Charlie may have a real chance to put his new shoveling skills to the test.

Hey, it's good exercise!



It is very exciting!
Well done Charlie :)

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