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Just Another Day, Plus

Charlie at home in the evening

It was both a usual kind of day for us yesterday and a not so usual day, in the very best of ways.

Despite taking a long and deep nap on Thursday afternoon, Charlie still went to sleep before 1am (a tiny bit of extra Melatonin helped) and woke up groggily. We left a bit late, but not egregiously so. Charlie walked in as soon as an aide appeared and had a good day.

When he got home, Charlie was greeted by me and an old friend, a young woman who starting coming over to spend time with him two summers ago. I had decided not to tell him in advance that she was visiting as doing so seems to set up a huge amount of anxiety in Charlie. 

He handled the visit very nicely, as it turned out. After running off the bus, he gave our friend a fast, steady look and a little (fast) smile. Then he went to do his usual, removing his communication book and then his lunchboxes and plastic containers. When I turned one lunchbox inside out to wipe it out, Charlie picked up the other one and did the same.

Then he asked for a ride. I asked our friend if she needed to head home or might she like to go with us? She said she'd do the latter and so off the three of us went what (as I told her) was a very local, very everyday and mundane ride, past residential neighborhoods, gas stations, and many a big-chain retailer (and fast-food restaurant).

Once home, we said good-byes, Charlie keeping his quick and quiet,

I'd say that's the way he generally prefers to handle transitions. No big hoopla, no elaborate greetings, no effusive displays or expressions of feeling.

Our friend understands this. She definitely has a good understanding of Charlie and his preference for keeping things low-key and quiet. Which is not to say, he doesn't feel sad or wistful or some such. I rather think that, not only does Charlie feel all of these; it takes a bit longer (that lag thing again) for him to realize that he feels them.

He spent some time listening to music (another way to work through what he was feeling?) after our friend left. Jim came home from New York and we all went on a ride to the airport. Taking a pass around terminals A, B, and C seems to be our new winter's way-to-pass-some-time. We looked at the lights and Jim pointed out an airplane in the sky and then we ended up taking a little tour of Newark beneath the PATH train tracks.

Our boy does like to be around transportation. And, in his quiet way, people.


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