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A Full Sunday

Mid-February bike ride

The day started at 6am: Charlie really never seems to sleep in on weekends of late. He helped himself to some red-sprinkled heart-shaped cookies my mom had sent and kept himself busy with his iPad till we got up.

Then the day really got underway.

Charlie and Jim start their ride

We drove out to Jersey horse country with the bikes strapped to the white car. Jim and Charlie did a couple of miles on their favorite road by a river.  While it would warm up into the 40s by the afternoon, it was down in the 20s in the morning, plus we were in the mountains and a few snow flurries fell so a shortist ride was quite invigorating.

Riding to the river

At home, Charlie again kept himself busy by shoveling snow while Jim went to the gym. Or that is, Charlie wanted to shovel snow but found that the snow mounds were too hard for him to scoop into with the shovel, so I got out the ice-breaker-hoe-thing (I know, that's a pathetic attempt to name it) and broke up some of the snow. Charlie shoveled (or, 'rearranged') the snow happily.

Jim came home and we picked up our friend Hal at the train station and drove to Jersey City where Charlie watched about two-thirds of a basketball game (we hadn't been to one in almost a year). He had his iPad with him but, due to the noise (or rather, the sensory assault of the piped-in music, some of which sounded like metallic guitar strumming combined with train wheels slowly screeching to a halt), no one could hear it. Charlie did glance at the game at times. He certainly seemed to enjoy being there, crowds and noise and lights and everything be d****d.

Eyes on the game

Sadly, the Peacocks lost to the Fairfield Stags in overtime (80-79). But what a winner our boy is; he was so content sitting in the bleachers and, afterwards, hanging around our living room while we shared a pizza with Hal and talked: A full Sunday and a very good day.

I think the boy in the photo below knows it, too.

Charlie at the basketball game



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