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Always Something to Blog About

Happy boy

This was going to be a thoughtful and meditative post about how blogging as a phenomenon has changed over the years (i.e., random musings after reading a New York Times article) along with an account of a pleasant biking trip on Sunday morning but after I hit 'publish now' I got a fatal error message and realized I had just copied over the copy of the post I had written. 

So I thought I'd post the real highlight of the day and of blogging in general for me, our lovely smiling boy happily waiting in line with Jim to get a piece of carrot cake at a general store in a town in New Jersey horse country; a lovely boy loving to be out in the world.

That's why there's always something to blog about, yes there is.


Liz Ditz

1. Your experience is one I've had, which is why I now mostly compose posts in a text editor and then post

2.Jiminey crickets! That's a young man's face, not a boy's any more. Both my stepsons went suddenly from rounded boy faces to manly faces, overnight it seemed to me, which I didn't notice until I saw photographs...

They are both fair skinned & grow fair/reddish facial hair, so I didn't have the facial hair clue.

Kristina Chew

I rarely have the lost the post experience with Typepad---one advantage of Wordpress is that it auto-saves. I've thought of switching but I've switched sites so much I thought it best to 'stay put.'

We have to get a new shaver!


He's a handsome young man! Gorgeous smile!

Brenda (mamabegood)

Oh, my word! Is he adorable?!! LOVE that smile of anticipation.

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