No Bed, No Problem

Let's Make a Deal


Maybe that is the best way to describe my parenting strategy at the moment?

After not enough sleep on Tuesday night/morning, Charlie woke on his own around 7.30am. He had gone to sleep fully dressed, sweatshirt, green shirt, and all. I concluded that the best thing to do was compromise: Fine, wear the green shirt, but put on your swim suit (Charlie's class was scheduled to go swimming Wednesday morning). I only packed the gray pants, telling Charlie it would be best to leave the brown pants safe at home.

He was very somber as we drove to school but smiled as he climbed out of the car and walked into the Big Autism Center. He had an active day: Besides the swimming, his tried out Wii bowling and, from Charlie's teacher's report, he enjoyed it.

Not that you'll be surprised to know, but Charlie certainly enjoyed sitting down (as he asked) at the Mexican fastfood restaurant we constantly patronize and eating a burrito. Once finished, he asked for another one. 'Sure, we'll get something somewhere else,' I said and stood up. 

Charlie asked a couple more times, his face solemn. I said 'can you put your sweatshirt on' and he did and we exited without any ado. 

Glancing in the rear view mirror, I saw that Charlie looked relaxed and peaceful: He had once again been asking for more than he needed or wanted and was all right with not getting that whatever item. Knowing what happened in the past, I had the 'it's not "more" that he wants' radar on alert. And indeed, Charlie was fine going home. He went straight to bed around 7pm and slept until about half-past midnight.

Yes, he is awake as I type this: Look's like we might have to do some more Giant Timer action and strike yet another deal.


Lisa R.

I've been behind on my reading and oh my gosh, suddenly Charlie looks so grown up! And has gone from cute to handsome!

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