Terrible, Awful Weather; Terribly Great Boy

Ready to ride (the rails) again?

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Charlie really wanted to go meet Jim at the train last night.

Then he insisted on standing on the platform for the New York-bound train, just like we used to do.

It's been almost two years since we rode the rails with Charlie. The many noises, the stress of making connections, became too much.

Maybe we will be taking trains again once more.



Commuter dude. Great picture.


We have a less complex subway system here in Toronto. Adam loves to ride the trains and all public transit and I plan on getting him more used to it.


Jim must have been thrilled to find the two of you waiting on the platform for him. What a nice gift for your father, Charlie!

Kristina Chew

Dude is the word!

As these things go---Jim didn't see us on the platform as he got off on the other platform and the train obscured his view of us. But Charlie refused to leave the platform until Jim appeared so he did see us on it, eventually.

Estée, looking forward to hearing about how Adam does in the Toronto subway. Not thinking Charlie would be inclined to ride the one in New York for awhile (certainly not in the middle of winter when the platforms are freezing cold or baking hot). Am hoping Charlie can go back to riding trains and public transit like Adam.

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