It was an icy ice day
Still Sick

Sick x 3

In a not very surprising development, Jim and I have caught Charlie's cold or flu-thing-illness.

Happens when you're a symbiotic tight team o' three, I guess you could say.

Jim and Charlie slept in while I caught the 6.53am train on Friday morning. They spent the day around home and Charlie, while clearly not feeling well, managed all right. Jim was even able to make some work phone calls while Charlie hung around . And he got Charlie to take some cough syrup (thanks for the suggestion about the Robitussin capsules too, Karen!).

It goes without saying that the iPad helped Charlie get through a long day, thanks to the music and videos and photos installed on it.

I felt the throat-tightening/aches-in-the-legs/sinking-feeling-in-the-head sensations as my Elementary Latin class got underway. Somehow I always feel much better and, too, energized, when standing in front of my students and teaching Homer and ancient Greek history, or the modern and ancient Greek personal pronouns, or Ovid or Cicero. Nothing like getting absorbed in something else (grammatical detail, in my case) to forget about how less-than-sprightly one feels.

Nonetheless I was extremely glad to see the white car with Jim and Charlie after I disembarked from the train in the early evening. Charlie asked for dinner and then only picked at his food. He went up to his room; Jim and I fell asleep on the couch. We woke up to hearing a distressed boy crying, from seeing both of his parents in a non-waking state? and from being sick and fed up with it and the coughing and sniffles.

We bestirred ourselves for a lemonade run following which Charlie, still coughing but peaceful, settled down to bed, and you can be sure he wasn't the only one to get just what the doctor ordered: Lotsa rest.


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