Terrible, Awful Weather; Terribly Great Boy
It was an icy ice day

The Ice Day Cameth

Ice tree

Cameth, and wenteth, encasing every tree branch, car, and roof-eave in crystalline glass that, as the day wore on, fell off by the bushel with a sound somewhat reminiscent of popcorn popping.

Charlie's school's 'delayed opening' became a 'school closed' overnight. Despite having to wait for Jim and me to chip, scrape, and shovel out our stairs, walkway and sidewalk; despite a general shortage of options (good thing we took that last long walk---no walking on ice); despite missing Jim when he went into Manhattan in the afternoon to teach; despite sniffles and a little cough---Charlie was super great and Wednesday passed without incident.



When's this weather going to change!! Good to hear you are all doing well, despite the ice and snow. (we've had a bit of rain, not much to deal with in comparison, although after years in Greece I've become a bit of a wimp about the weather).

Hope you all can get out for a walk soon.

Kristina Chew

Thought I saw a few snow flurries this morning!

I have my phone set to show the weather in Athens and accidentally turned to it and wondering why those temperatures looked so appealing. I am meeting with my students later about our trip---they look incredulous when I tell them how warm it will be.

Mostly am pleased that Charlie is managing so well with the days off and restricted activities---last year it was much harder (plus he had periods of having a couple of snow days in a row!).

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