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Green Shirt Brown Pants Redux

Why Not Try Reverse Psychology?

Charlie walking on the campus of St. Peter's College

 A very good day at school.

Still figuring out what to do about the green shirt/brown pants combo issue and wondering if it might be good to try the 'reverse psychology' tactic whereby we drop, or appear to drop, all attention to the matter and just let go and let be and somehow, in a fuzzy and non-scientific and maybe a bit messy way, the whole issue gets resolved. After all, now that he knows 'something is up' about keeping the shirt, Charlie has been insisting on wearing it even more.

Not going to address the issue beyond that as.....I'm sick again, ha. (Jim has something too this round.) Already had some Chinese tea---teaching five classes in a row on Tuesday was as ever invigorating for me but it can be a bit of a marathon---and that is indeed another photo of Charlie from Sunday, walking through the campus of Saint Peter's College to the gym to see the basketball game and just well, just doing good.


Brenda (mamabegood)

Yep, I'm the same way. If I make something a big issue with Jack, forget about it. He comes by his stubborness honestly. Don't mess with my shoes.

Kristina Chew

I think I should have remembered this very point earlier regarding the shirt!

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