By Charlie Fisher
March Winds Do Blow

'Amazing yellow shirt wearing Mondrian'

Charlie helps himself to a soda

'Amazing yellow shirt wearing Mondrian': Jim texted those words to me on Friday morning as my Elementary Latin class was starting to take a midterm.

Thursday night, Charlie had called me upstairs, saying 'Give, Mom.' He handed me his green shirt and brown pants and said 'wash'; I promptly started a load of laundry.

In the meantime, we went on a lemonade run. Grinning, Charlie had clothed himself in a yellow shirt and gray pair of pants. While he did hasten to put the green/brown combo back on once they emerged from the dryer, he was careful to arrange the yellow/gray clothes in a corner of his room.

And Friday morning, he put the latter outfit on of his own accord.

Charlie changed back after school for a neighborhood bike ride with Jim and other evening adventures (a ride, a walk past the local school Charlie had attended when we first moved into our house 8 years ago). He was up late, way past 1am, perhaps in anticipation of a Saturday trip to the beach---soon enough it'll be time to transition to shorts, right?

2.30am update: Still awake. With a smile.



Proud of himself, ha! Who needs sleep when the clothes code may be cracked.

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