Autism Mom, 9 College Students, Going to Greece
A Theater is a Place You Go To Get a Better View

Another Odyssey Begins

View over the western coast of Greece and the Aegean Sea

On the seven hour-plus flight from Newark to Frankfurt, I read Paul Offit's Deadly Choices: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All and watched The King's Speech: A book about vaccines, a movie about stuttering----am miles away from home and boys but you can see what topics are on my mind.

Here I am waiting at a crowded gate at 7am in Frankfurt.

Me waiting at the Frankfurt Airport

My nine students and I were met by the tour guide we had on our trip last year, Emilios, at the airport in Athens, around 1pm on Friday. We got right on a hot-pink bus. Boarding the bus

Most of the students promptly fell asleep on the bus and woke up in Corinth.

The Corinthian canal

We made a stop at the Corinthian canal, which had to vie with some friendly dogs for the students' attention.

Looking over the canal

This is the temple of Poseidon which dates back to before 146 BC, when the Romans pretty much razed Corinth to the ground.

Temple of Poseidon in ancient Corinth

This is a fountain.

Fountain in ancient Corinth

We then drove to Nafplion (where I'd never been before---it's really lovely) on the south-eastern Pelopponese.

Driving towards Nafplion

Our hotel is right underneath a 12th century foretress built by the Venetians (it's in the top of the photo, lit up in the night).

Medieval fortress on the hill above

Got a little gelato on a post-dinner walk.


And the report from home: Charlie insisted on my dad, Gong Gong, riding in the car up to school, a request that Gong Gong, though sleepy, acceded to. After school, there was a bike ride: Thursdsay, a Nor'easter had made it impossible even for the walk Charlie requested. Sunshine is predicted through mid-week in Jersey and here in Hellas, too.

Kataifi Kadaifi




Pictures are gorgeous. I hope you have a great time.

Judy T

Have a wonderful time!


Beautiful pictures. Excited to see your travels and still hear about your boy. Thanks hope you are getting some rest along the way.

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