'Amazing yellow shirt wearing Mondrian'

By Charlie Fisher

Charlie's collage

Here is Charlie's collage as inspired by Mondrian

It was displayed outside of the art teacher's room at Charlie's school, for all to see during parent-teacher conference evening. 

At the conference, we did talk about Charlie's may I say 'attachment' to the green shirt/brown pants and decided to encourage him more to wear different clothes after my trip to Greece.

Mostly we talked about art. I related that some of Charlie's first receptive language programs (back in the days of 40 hour/week Lovaas ABA) had been for colors and shapes; how he love, love, loved the construction paper squares (in an array of colors) and shapes his lead therapist made for him; how he learned to color and, for a time when he was 2 1/2 - 4, colored pictures in multiple colors with expert precision between the lines. And how, after that, his coloring and general inclination towards all pursuits artistic dwindled to indifference.

But then the art teacher brought out  those color squares on Wednesday.

I could have brought Charlie's colllage home last night, but (yes I have proud mother syndrome) I rather wanted as many people to see Charlie's work as possible.



you are right to be proud. That is a beautiful art piece. I am not pissing in your pocket either....I would seriously put that on my lounge room wall. Talented chap that boy!


Awesome! :-) And I totally understand!


Proud, gulp. The boy has an eye for colors.


This is beautiful. I once co-directed a Saturday art program for adults on the spectrum for three years. (It was a grant-funded program; sadly, we couldn't get funding to continue). These adults were very serious about their work, beginning with shapes, then moving into three-D, and we held an art show annually. I was struck by how good their work was, and how seriously they took their art work. We need more programs such as these. These young men (and one woman) were accompanied by their house staff so they could continue art activities at home.

I am thinking about posting our video online...would you be interested?


CHARLIE!! I love it! Beautiful art!


Charlie! Wow ... all I can say is, Wow.


Hi Kristina and Susan,

Thanks for the Charlie Fisher art debut. What a dance! What celebration of asymmetry! Does this piece have a name?

Susan, I am interested in seeing your art video. My e-mail address is [email protected] if you could send it or if you could let me know if you post it, that would be great.


Kristina Chew


@Susan, would definitely love to see the video! If you could put if online, fabulous!

Lisa R.

Gorgeous! So glad he has rediscovered this creative outlet.

Brenda (mamabegood)

And of course, I'm thinking ... look at that ... big blocks crossed through ... little blocks intact ... the emphasis on the vertical crossing out ... definitely not this ... the three big to three little ... the threesome at home ... did he choose all this?!! Amazing!


Fantastic! So beautiful!

Kristina Chew

Thank you!

He did choose all the pieces---I kind of wanted to go out and buy pads of construction paper and cut up lots of squares but I suspect that might (rapidly) decrease Charlie's interest. Am thinking the best thing to do is to see what the art teacher chooses to try next.

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