And so once more in Thessaloniki
On the Thessaloniki waterfront

More reasons I'm glad I blog

Back in Meteora

In case you are wondering why I am posting photos of myself posed in front of the various sites we are visiting---this is Meteora in the photo (above), where monasteries (like the one below) were built in Byzantine times---

 Monastery in Meteora

----the reason for the 'Kristina in the picture photos' is that I've asked Jim and Charlie's teacher to show them to him daily, so he can see where I am. Or, since Charlie does not have world's greatest sense of where any of these places are, much less Greece itself, at least to show him that I am somewhere, albeit in some places unknown to him such as (in the photo below), Vergina:

Museum housing the Tomb of Philip II of Macedon

The tomb of Philip II of Macedon, the father of Alexander the Great, is under that grassy mound you see in the photo above, along with the gold armor and silver vessels and gold oak-leaf crowns and bridle bits for his horses and much much more that he was buried with. No photos are allowed in the museum or I would have taken some---it's a very, very spectacular museum.

Then it was on to Thessaloniki which is going right up there in my personal pantheon of favorite cities and places. This is a section of the wall and rampart: Roman wall in Thessaloniki

Roman wall and ramparts

This wall is up high above the city, which is bordered on its other side by the Gulf of Thessaloniki.

Near the city center

Best of all, I was able, after a whole year, to meet Rozy and her family. I met Rozy, a "commadre" if you will, via this blog and Facebook and have been in touch via email. It was more then wonderful  and just lovely to get to talk to her and her daughter and husband.

Actually there is one more 'best of all' to add: Charlie had a very good day, as if he is not having over-much lag after Sunday's incident. He and Jim had a nice windy bike ride topped off with 'the latest favorite,' vanilla ice cream.




It was clear from the first picture you posted from Greece that it was meant for your son, such a beautiful assuring smile. All mom all the time. The bond can stretch across the ocean!

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