The Company We Keep
Starts Sour, Ends Sweet

Thwarted Desires, Duly Dealt With

The ceremonial pre-ride handshake

Charlie could hardly wait to go for a bike ride on the Jersey horse country bike trail on Sunday morning. He burst out of the car and quickly put on his yellow jacket, helmet, gloves, and whatever you call the little Velcro strap thing that goes around his right ankle to keep his pants from catching in the bike chain.

Charlie readies his bike

Alas! He and Jim only did four miles as the trail that a week ago had been blooming with new growth on the trees in sunshine was now coated with ice and snow, with a river sporting ice floes beside it. When they came upon a huge tree branch that had fallen in the middle of the trail, Charlie moved to turn around and Jim was hardly going to disagree.

On to the trail

Charlie waited till he was home and safe in his room to get upset at the reality of the trail not being what he had envisioned. He cried and wailed, kneeling on his bed, looking at a photo of him biking on the trail from last summer with my mom and dad taking photos of him.

After a half-hour, he was ok. After another half-hour, he wanted another bike ride and he and Jim did 10 miles (it was warmer, and iceless, in our neighborhood), for a total of 35 miles this past weekend.

Charlie packs his lunch

Perhaps in the hopes of restoring a little order to a day that hadn't quite turned out as he had been envisioning, Charlie made a point of packing his lunch boxes (one contains his morning snack) himself after dinner.

Charlie was still working out something about the day even as he set his thoughts ahead to Monday. He went upstairs around 9pm and we heard a dull thud-crash, and found a shelf had been knocked over. Charlie was standing in his room looking warily, and sadly, at us from under his eyebrows, already feeling remorseful.

We didn't make a big deal about it and that was that--- a great little thing in our household. There have been many such 'incidents' (often on a Sunday night, just when we thought the weekend could be pronounced a good one) and many have become extended 'bout of unhappiness.' This one happened, and was over.

The staff of life

Crackers, watermelon, juice: That's at least two of the four food groups, right?



That boy takes care of business aka one can never have too many crackers.

Kristina Chew

And he ate every single one of them.

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