O Barney Where Art Thou?
Autism Mom, 9 College Students, Going to Greece

Travel Preparations

Packing for Greece

Am packing, yes, as the students, one colleague, and I leave for Greece on Thursday---and am simultaneously planning out how to make a picture schedule for Charlie of where I'll be and some directions ('operating instructions') for Jim and my parents. While Charlie is very independent with his iPad, he needs help when the Internet connection falters and he gets 'no cellular data' messages on the screen.

If I bring one too few or too many pairs of pants, no big deal. I like to travel light with a backpack, with just a bit of space for unexpected souvenirs. 

It's a bit harder for Charlie to adjust and acommodate. He is having yet another can't-go-to-sleep night. It's 1am and he's wide awake, even after a 9 mile bike ride in the cold with Jim and a long (of the 5+ mile sort) walk with me in the evening. I think (think) he is working through the recent arrival of my parents and anticipating me leaving. He's been saying the names of the teacher he had 6 or 7 years ago, as well as those of some of the students, aides and a speech therapist; he has not mentioned them in a long time.

I'm happy to stay up with Charlie as I'll be traveling soon. And, I'm hoping that his sleep schedule might be a bit more 'regular' once I'm gone and he knows he's past having to prepare for all the emotional messiness of travel, of departures and good bye's and see you soon's.



Thursday! Didn't realize it was so soon!! Dimitri is off school today, it a "snow day", which is kind of surprising!! so can't stop, we need to search youtube:)

Kristina Chew

He's got a snow day! Many a moment, I mean hour, of Charlie's snow days was passed just that way---yes, we will be in Greece Friday!


Have a wonderful trip Kristina. Maybe you'll come home to an even taller boy!

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