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A Bit of a Waterlogged Post

2nd swimming lesson

It was all smiles for the most part at Charlie's second swimming lesson, in happy contrast to the first lesson and to his school day. Again he was wracked with anxiety, wanting to 'pack up' his things and go home from early in the morning.

I've been wondering if Charlie is having some kind of separation anxiety, for some reason, such as his being in his last few months with his current teacher and classroom staff? Or maybe this is some kind of lag following my being in Greece for a week and a half in March?

Charlie really showed off his stuff in the water on Wednesday evening. He kicked up foam, he propelled himself towards the deep end, he swam on his back. He did a great job following his instructor's directions as much as he could to do things like putting his face in the water and push off from the wall; I could see how he was puzzled, but trying to imitate her motions. He got a little upset at having to get out and into the water a few times, and then was smiling as he exited the pool with quick 'bye' 's.

And he was the king of cool when, driving back from Jersey City in the pouring rain---it was a bit of a trip to go there for some Vietnamese food, but Jim was working late, we had time to fill, and Charlie had had a super lesson---anyways, as we were heading home with good-smelling items in our car, something seemed to fall off? (I know that sounds odd! it was kind of hard to see) one of the arches of the Pulaski Skyway and affix itself to the tops of the white car's windshield wipers, so that the left one was broken and possibly wrenched off. So that, we had to drive home on two highways with only a windshield wiper on the passenger side and rain, rain, rain, and Charlie (tired by now) clamoring to go home.

I wouldn't say it was a fun or funny situation (this is what the Skyway looks like; it has two lanes of fast-moving traffic going both ways, and only a narrow concrete divider in between, and no shoulder). I knew that, a few years ago, I would have done the pathetic thing of frantically calling Jim and saying some version of what do I do?.

Last night, I just drove us home (eyes very steady on the road through the raindrops, mind you).

We got home in good order and Jim made it back by 10pm, too, and told me he'd take the car in to get the wiper fixed. Charlie had been in his room and ran down on hearing Jim return. After pacing around, sampling some watermelon, and looking disconsolate when we told him there would be no lemonade run tonight (it was around 11pm), Charlie settled himself on the big black couch and said 'yes' when I asked if he'd like his blanket. 

Yes, we are big on togetherness be there mysterious falling objects or storm, wet weather, on off days, bad days, good days, and everything inbetween. 


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