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Day and Night

In Pursuit of the Principle of Perpetual Motion

Charlie at the track

I took Charlie to our town's track early in the afternoon and, after a pause, he got out of the car and we walked a lap together.

He saved his running for later in the day or rather in the evening, when he and I went on what turned into one of our long walks. Though actually, the first 20 minutes were more of a sprint with short walking intervals (so I could almost catch up with him).

Often if we suggest 'going for a walk' to Charlie, the answer is (as with queries about the bathroom and bedtime), no. Charlie does enjoy the walks---he certainly did last night's and having his iPad along for some music and the chance to glance at some photos made him smile, as if pleased that he's now realized that, just as Jim and I always have our phones, he can bring his iPad. And he likes 'bedtime,' which also meansbeing in his room and hanging out. Sometimes I think he just says 'no' to make his point and have a little (age-appropriate) defiant against the parents.

(As for 'bathroom,' well, who wants to be asked about that, especially if you're a teenage boy?)

To get around the 'walk?/ NO WALK?' routine, I've been saying to Charlie 'Let's go running.' After all, that is what we're doing, and at a good pace.

He and I had had another full day on Wednesday. He slept in till 10am; this was very unusual for him, but much needed after limited sleep and lots of activity for the past couple of days. We went for a ride in the white car that ended with lunch and then the (yay) successful track walk. Once home, Charlie surprised me by taking another nap---yes, I took advantage of this and of him sleeping him late to get some work done and phone calls made. When he woke, the last book shelf came down (yes, with a crash courtesy of Charlie). He did help move some pieces into the basement and understood he had to stand around and wait while I stacked books, dusted, and figured out how to maneuver the shelf out of our dining room, through the kitchen, and onto the back deck.

The rest of the evening unfurled with an eye to Jim returning around 9.30pm. Charlie and I went on a short (walking) walk to pass the time. After Jim was home, Charlie and I went for the long walk. 

This Spring Break has been feeling manageable because, I suppose you could say, we're all upholding the principle of near-perpetual motion. Charlie just seems to have a hankering to be moving, whether a foot or a bike or in the car and even when in the latter, he's often rocking and swaying.

Sedentary, he---we--- are not.


Start of an evening walk



Hope the track continues to work out for Charlie.
You have probably tried this, but I wondered how Charlie does with an indoor exercise bike. Nothing compared to actually being outside, but maybe it would take the edge off sometimes.
Best wishes with the rest of your break!

Kristina Chew

Thank you, an exercise has been suggested and tried. Charlie used to use one at a former school but seems to like, and need, to be in the open air as much as to get exercise. We have a decent-sized backyard but he's never been inclined to be there for more than a few minutes. He seems to need to roam and move about!

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