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For the third day in a row, Charlie had trouble at school. Yesterday, it happened right after his morning swimming session at school. Today, it occurred just before he was to go rehearse for today's spring concert---both being  transitional periods.

Charlie's teacher called me before he got home. He's been using an independent, portable picture schedule to keep with him (usually he is referred to the schedule posted on the classroom wall), so he can know what is going to happen. I talked about the things I've noted before that might be irking Charlie, transitioning to a new class in a few months (and leaving his teacher, whose name he has been fondly saying at home), the change in seasons, and the lingering cool weather. His teacher noted that, Easter being late in April this year, Spring Break has been pushed back too. Charlie had, she added, been calling for 'Alphabert,' one of his old toys, and also for a 'bike ride' when he was distressed---since he was little, he has indeed said the names of things he likes ('sushi,' 'Gong Gong Po Po') when upset.

Charlie's teacher and I set up a meeting for next week; the school's transition coordinator will also be there and a behaviorist. I also left a message for Charlie's neurologist to ask if he might need a change in one of the dosages of the medications he takes.

Yes, we like to step on it when addressing 'behaviors.' Charlie has had a long period of not having any really major ones at school and certainly not three in three consecutive days. So far, he has not had any at home, but we wouldn't be surprised if he did, so best to try to figure out what is going on.

After he was home from school Charlie was very eager for his bike ride with Jim. As Jim teaches an evening class on Wednesday, he is not home till quite late and Charlie really misses him. I do think it's helpful for Charlie to learn that he can have a bike ride-less day and that sometimes Dad has to work late.

It's not just the exercise Charlie misses, but the compansionship and time with Jim, I am very sure. As you can see from the photo above (and the numerous bike ride photos I post here), Charlie and Jim pretty much wear exactly the same thing on their bike rides (and, they have the same model and size of bike). (But they do have different bike helmets.) I rather suspect Charlie sees them as a sort of dynamic duo and the days he doesn't get to suit up with Jim are bound to be sad ones.

And, though this might seem a bit of a minor issue! But it's one both Jim and I noticed, as far as Charlie being a little less peaceful-easy of late. Teenager that he is, he has more than a bit of acne on his face. Face-washing of any sort is not a favorite thing of Charlie's these days, and I try to be as miminally intrusive as I might.

Teenagerhood does have a lot of unfun aspects. 

Adolescent to teenager, and thence onto adulthood: This business of growing up is a difficult transition for anyone. 

For sure, all those Dad 'n' Charlie bike rides help, a lot.



Sending positive vibes for a peaceful easy and sunny weekend.


Kristina, I hope that these days of stress will soon be replaced by the more common days of easy happiness. Teenagerhood is a difficult time for everyone. Aren't you lucky that you live in a climate that allows year-round cycling!

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