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Perfect Behavior-free Days Are Not What It's All About

Waiting with a smile

Friday was a 4am wake-up kind of day, with a twist.

While Charlie got up and dressed and went downstairs to retrieve the iPad I had charged overnight, he did not then run out to get in the white car and insist that we drive to school, immediately. 

Not only did he wait on his own in the house, walking around and iPad in hand. He was fine by himself and we were able to sleep a bit more. 

I got up to get ready for work around 5.45am; discovered some emergency home-plumbing work was needed; regarded Charlie smiling in the kitchen and swaying to some tunes the whole time. As 6.30am rolled around, I told him that I needed to go to work. 'Mom work!' said Charlie, very seriously. Jim got up as I was leaving and Charlie, again, made no effort to depart himself, but waited (and breakfasted on some sushi) until it was time to go to school.

He did have a tough moment after lunch at school. He has been a little more unsettled than in the past several weeks and the fact that he had been up extra-early did not help. Charlie's teacher still wrote that he had a good day: At his current school, the emphasis is not on having a 'perfect behavior-free day,' but on working through and getting over those tough moments and not letting them define the day. 'Process not Product,' as Life Skills Teacher recently commented.

It's World Autism Awareness Day today. How about adopting 'Process Not Product' as the day's motto?



"Process not product"....wish more teachers thought that! I think how we intervene with our kids is as, or more, important than a particular skill achieved...

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