Party starts now!
A Feeling of Accomplishment

Happy Birthday to Charlie

Charlie's birthday is not till Sunday but we thought we'd get the festivities started by having a party on Friday afternoon. It was a most low-key affair with only a few (great great) guests (two of whom did some guitar playing), a whole lot of Chinese food (plus my parents found a place that makes good dim sum), and -- but of course -- the blowing-out of the birthday candles which you can watch in the very home-videoesque home video above.

Charlie smiled throughout his party.



A weekend long party! Cool, very rock and roll:) hope you all have a great weekend!!


What a great start to celebrations.


Happy almost 14 years Charlie! You are loved.


What a beautiful smile! Happy Birthday Charlie- I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.


Happy Birthday Charlie!


Happy Birthday Charlie. Hope you have a great weekend celebrating.

Club 166

Happy B-Day, Charlie!!



Happy Birthday Charlie!

Kristina Chew

thank you so much! it was a great day (with 'interesting' moments).

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