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Even more exciting summer plans

My thrilling summer plans

This Care2 post about findings about the economic realities of raising a child on the autism is all about why:

  • It is ok with me that spring semester classes are over; just exams to grade, some reports to write, and graduation.
  • It is a huge relief to me that I am not teaching summer school this year: No frantic dashes to get home in time for the yellow school bus, or papers to grade, or classes to prepare.

This summer's plans are, barring any 'interesting' surprises: beach-going, walking and running with/after Charlie, hieing myself into the large city over there to get some Greek food with my best pal/date/guy Jim.

Inbetween which I'll be sitting at this very desk, drinking coffee in non-excessive amounts, grocery shopping in the morning instead of in a mad rush in the few minutes in the afternoon before Charlie gets home, and writing, writing, writing.  Writing.


annette harris

Sounds lovely, Kristina. You may want to reconsider on the coffee and be a little excessive. A new study from Sweden found women who drank more than 5 cups of coffee a day had a much less risk of an aggressive form of breast cancer. Good to hear for us coffee drinkers.


Happy for you!


I'm thrilled for you. What are you going to write? Are you still thinking about a book on the iatrogenic side of ABA?

Kristina Chew

Thank you all!

The ABA assessment/critique will be part of it.

A reason for drinking for more coffee: sounds very good to me!

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