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Dad come home

So Jim went to work on Wednesday morning and Charlie -- not that he was sure he would -- survived.

Of course, Jim has always worked, far longer hours than me, for all of Charlie's life. What's new is that Charlie, now a teenager, is so much more aware of everything than he used to be. Also, Charlie really adores all those bike rides he and Jim do together and knows that there's no substitute for his dad.

Charlie was awake to see Jim leave for the train after which a very pleasant morning of not very exciting errands passed. Charlie and I mailed some special things to a dear friend who recently suffered a great loss -- we think of her and her family all the time -- and a box of books to my cousin's little kids. We stopped at Charlie's pediatrician and picked up school health forms. We drove out to the town we used to live in and visited the cemetery to leave some flowers for Jim's mother.

Those were my requests; Charlie then had his, to check out two convenience stores and make an early McDonald's stop.

We went home and then, at Charlie's request, out on another ride. But, know it or not, Charlie really just wanted to hang around at home and wait for Jim. He turned down suggestions to visit the little local amusement park and other choice venues and, once back home, posted himself on the sidewalk looking north.

Happily, Jim caught an earlier train than planned due a fortuitous subway connection and fast running. Charlie ran to meet him on seeing him walking down the sidewalk.

Then, of course, it was time for the first bike ride of the day.




All that cardio has paid off in the nj transit department! Glad to hear such a great day for Charlie!

Kristina Chew

ha, that's the advantage of having our great personal trainer!

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