270 Miles Since School Let Out: Yes, All This Boy Does Is Ride His Bike
Actually Waiting For Dad

Anticipating Waiting For Dad

Happy morning boy

Jim has to go into New York today to work today and we'd prepared Charlie in advance, via the hand-written multicolor calendar I made last week to show him how he'd spend vacation, and a few conversations. I suspect anticipation was why Charlie woke around 2.30am Tuesday morning and turned on the Replacements.

He let me turn on the ocean waves sound instead and eventually went back to sleep, only to wake by 7.30am and call for, you guessed it, a bike ride. You can see Charlie in a skip-happy mood in the photos above and below.

Perhaps Charlie wanted to make sure he and Jim got in a good store of bike rides as they did a total of 4 (3 local, 1 in Jersey horse country) on Tuesday for a total of 34 miles.

In the evening, while Jim (deservedly) was stretched out on the couch reading, Charlie announced,


The way he pronounced the word it sounded more like 'walk.' But then we realized that Charlie was trying to tell Jim that he should go to work now -- so Charlie could get over having to anticipate Jim going and coming back. I accidentally said the word 'train' and Charlie then started to say 'Dad train, Dad train' and to tell Jim 'socks, socks' (i.e., Dad, get on your socks and shoes and go).

Jim remained on the couch and Charlie was tense but not overly so. After a good hour of informing Jim he was supposed to go to work on a Tuesday night, Charlie took off his own shoes and socks and went into the kitchen for a large-scale snack after which he told me, with intense eye contact, 'bedtime.' After the previous night's truncated sleep, he was soon in dreamland.

I used Instagram to change the lighting on the photo with the below result, which I'm liking as you can just see a bit of a rainbow?/flash of light to the left, shining down on Charlie.

Gamboling before first of four bike rides


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