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Saying Bye to ESY is Never Easy

Beach Growing Pangs Hit Charlie Hard

Morning swim with frothy waves

The waves at the beach were roiling with foam and a current Sunday morning and we three had a good swim. But I don't think it was enough to suit Charlie's Platonic ideal of the ocean, as he got extremely upset in the car on the way home. We also think he was expressing his feelings about us not renting the beach house we did for five straight years. We park very near it when we go to the beach and Charlie seemed all right with walking by it earlier this summer, but clearly not now.

We had gone at low tide, but the waves were very strong and Jim had to insist to Charlie that he couldn't go out as far as the surfers. 

We're thinking a bit of a break from the ocean would be the best thing. I know Charlie will insist on going, especially as he's off from school as of Wednesday. But perhaps he'll ultimately be relieved.

Lately something just isn't measuring up for him at the ocean. I suspect he's got a vision of it all being 'just like it was' when he was little and jumped for joy on the sand to see the waves. And then we go and it's all different now, with Charlie now grown so big but still needed more supervision than kids his age. He can switch back and forth from the Wiggles to John Coltrane and the Byrds on his iPad, but it's turning out to be far harder to navigate the beach as Charlie grows up -- not a surprise, really, considering how much he's always love loved it




a parent

It was unsettled weekend for us, too. ESY ended the week before, so there were lots of hot, empy days. Friday & Saturday were spent downtown with crowds and public transportation - something he loves, but can be pretty overstimulating. Friday evening child #2 returned from 3 weeks of camp. All added together for an unsettled Sunday, which, unfortunately was Opa's Birthday party. Even though the party gave him space, it was all too much and an iPod touch, thrown in anger, cracked.

Then again, he is that most handsome boy that tugs at my heart so.

Kristina Chew

Ditto your last sentence!

Didn't start out too well today. Up at 4.30, stayed in bed, out for a 6am walk that immediately became a run with banging on a neighbor's car. But then after the walk Charlie was much more at ease and his schoolday was mostly good.

Yes, talked to the neighbor---she has an autistic niece, and the child's mother is an autism teacher.

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