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Biking With Friends

Biking with friends

A friend texted me this morning and said she and one of her sons were planning to bike the Jersey horse country trail that Jim and Charlie have become regulars at. (She actually introduced us to the trail some years ago.)

Charlie led the ride the whole way, getting quite far ahead of everyone and knowing, once he reached the halfway point, to stay put and wait for Jim to catch up.

Our friend's son has been into giving hugs. After giving Jim and me one, and shaking our hands, he proceeded to walk over to Charlie, who is not a very huggy person these days (nor has he ever really been one; Charlie was once known to be a master of the 'backwards arm-free' hug, but now sticks to fast-slap-high5's). But yesterday I was just in time to turn and see Charlie with a funny, happy grin on his face as his new biking pal gave him, yes, a big hug.

Jim and Charlie got in two more rides Friday, plus Charlie and I did an evening run: Got to get in our rides before Irene hits and all the better that one of them was with friends.


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