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In search of the ferris wheel

We had thought we'd pick up Charlie at 2pm from camp on Wednesday but a call from his counselor at 12.30 led to us getting him about an hour later. He had started crying on the playground and shouting loudly, both of which we consider quite manageable compared to some other things. But I divined from the counselor's tone that Charlie was 'on edge,'so it was definitely best to get him.

Charlie wanted (as usual) a bike ride soon as we got home and he and Jim did their new route on the bike path. Then Charlie asked to eat but just poked at his food and wanted to go back to the fireman's carnival in the next town. It was too early and we went through a few rounds of 'no, no, no' about another bike ride before Charlie said 'yes bike' and back I went to the shed to retrieve the bikes.

That actually wasn't the final ride of the day. Charlie was a few shades more tense than usual as we drove to the carnival. But he had a big smile coming down the slide and on the ferris wheel, even though it was a bit of a balky ride as a young girl couldn't make up her mind to ride it or not and went one turn with her face buried on her mother's arm before getting off.

Charlie requested ride #3 once we were home and Jim was, as ever, game. Once back, he made up for not eating much earlier, devouring rice and Chinese sausage, a pack of sushi that was meant for his lunch (so I'll have to get up early tomorrow and make his lunch) and some fresh fruit. He saw a box of brownie mix and wanted to make those, so we did. Then he went straight to bed, though he got up a few times to make sure Jim was sitting on the couch: Charlie has been insisting on knowing exactly where we are and that we're not going anywhere.

When he has that on-and-off wanting to eat plus his crying and earlier distress, we've come to think he has some kind of stomach pain. We've been doing better getting him to drink a good amount of liquids and varying his diet some. Exercise also helps; that third bike ride was necessary to 'work out the kinks.'

As we've learned, Charlie definitely has a 'honeymoon' period. The third day is usually about when he starts to feel a little less satisfied about things or, perhaps more accurately, starts to communicate that he feels that way (call it the lag). I'm thinking it'll be best to pick him up around 1 pm on Thursday as we'd rather keep his camp experience successful and shorter.

Around 9.30pm Charlie called down the stairs 'yes camp.' Perhaps he'd just needed the whole day to work out that, yes, camp's ok.



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