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Post-camp bike ride

Charlie's first day ever of day camp went quite well. It's been a long time since we left him with anyone besides his teachers at school so him going to camp really is quite a big deal.

He was eager to hop in the white car in the morning -- Charlie does like knowing there is some place to go to -- and then issued a big 'NO' as Jim and I said our good-byes at the camp. We have learned by now that the best way to handle good-byes is fast and neat so off we went to the county library.

We got a call from Charlie's counselor around 11am; she said he was fine and had done bowling and an art project and was in the swimming pool. The water was cold as it's an outdoor pool and it has been raining buckets so apparently Charlie was not terribly thrilled. Then it started to pour and everyone had to vacate the pool. Charlie, being a veteran of in-the-rain bike rides, didn't mind the rain (plus he was already wet from being in the pool, of course). We drove back to the camp at around 12.30 pm and, Charlie came bolting out of one of the camp buildings and ran to the car, upon hearing we were there to pick him up.

He'd had no mishaps and the plan is to try to pick him up a half-hour later Tuesday. I'm sure some may think we're being over-protective and nervous but I'd rather be that way: Charlie really have some serious behavior trouble and the idea is to keep camp as positive as possible and for him to feel that he's successful at it.

Soon as we got home -- a return to normality? -- Charlie asked for a bike ride. It was the first of two, with a monsoonish rain inbetween complete with a very loud clap of thunder and lightning. Lag set in after the events of the day and sounds of unhappiness could be heard from Charlie's room. But by 6pm the skies were brightening and Charlie too, and off he and Jim went again, Jim intent on having Charlie try a new bike trail through our town.

Charlie indeed followed Jim onto the new trail which goes through some very wooded areas and past a levy at a local park which a far smaller (7 or 8 years old) Charlie, still learning to handle his bike, once fell down. He'd been twisting and toying with his bike in the gravel as Jim rode. Jim then got the scare of his life when he turned to find no Charlie, only to hear a little voice calling 'Daddy, Daddy': Charlie was lying with his bike on him, in, um, a tributary of a local river, but it was very shallow. Needless to say, it was Jim to the rescue and Charlie, after getting a big hug and some of the dirt and debris brushed off, was back on his bike.

He's always indeed been a trooper.



Really glad about Charlie's success and glad he was OK -- a trooper on all accounts.

annette harris

So happy first day went so well. You're wise to take it slow and easy.


I'm so glad that the first day went so well! My fingers are crossed for today :-)

Liz Ditz

Slow and steady = success. So glad it went well, and the rest of the day too.


I'm glad camp went well. Has Charlie tried the fingerless bike gloves? They're more comfortable in warm weather.
As for the levee, I had no idea we have them in NJ


Wow, great news about camp. How very far Charlie has come! Many congrats to your team of three!

Kristina Chew

thanks to everyone!

Oh yes, there is a levee around here... Haven't tried fingerless bike gloves, yet. If we didn't prompt him, he'd still be wearing his super heavy winter ones.

We're quite thrilled after 2 good days. Now for day 3....

Melanie Harper

Congrats on the camp success :) Such a lovely feeling!

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