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Summer's Not Quite Over Yet

It Ended With a Dance Party

The scenic route '

No camp' was the word from Charlie on Friday morning; he instead asked to go out to Jersey horse country and cast us his woebegone look. I made him some breakfast -- apples and oatmeal -- and he didn't eat much but he kept it down.

We explained, he could go to camp for a little while as it was the last day and say his good-byes and then we could ride bikes.

'Ride bikes,' said Charlie. We loaded up the bikes and helmets plus Charlie's bags for camp and were off. Charlie did not object to being dropped off and Jim and I went straight to the country library where, being us (yeah, two professors), we spent too many minutes trying to figure out how to put the bike lock my aunt had sent us on the bikes before going inside.

Charlie's counselor called at 12.35 pm to say he was having a great time at the dance party doing 'YMCA.' We went to get him and he bounded out as two other counselors told me he'd also had a fine time doing the cha-cha slide; I speculated that Charlie must have done 'YMCA' at music class at school or elsewhere (nope, not at home). We thanked the camp staff profusely.

Then -- how else to celebrate? -- Jim drove here and there and we came to the far end of the bike trail he and Charlie like to ride on. Off they went, Charlie querulous at first but nothing that 16 miles abide could not help him to cycle through.

Trail riders all 16 miles worth

Good thing they went so far as later in the evening it poured torrentially. Charlie and Jim were actually hankering for another bike ride but there's certainly tomorrow. Camp, though, as we told Charlie won't be till next year. I can't say if he's looking forward to it but we're certainly glad he's had his first try at it this week, and it's been good.



Yes Camp. Had a good camp vibe for Charlie this week. Hope camp 2012 is even better!

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