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Under the Weather, and Telling Us In So Many Words and Ways

Under the weather but ever game to ride

A 2am wake-up on Thursday, unpacking the bag with his swimsuit and towel, some strong no's at the mention of 'camp': Via all these, Charlie was trying to tell us that he wasn't' up to camp on Thursday. We kept him home, a decision proved fortuitous when Charlie had a severe bout of nausea in our kitchen and his crying at camp on Wednesday was explained. I suspect the swimming pool is the culprit as Charlie tends inevitably to get some water into his system and to suffer from the results.

Queasy stomach or not, Charlie was still up to riding his bike, though he did request a shorter ride than usual on the bike trail. (His slightly glum expression in the photo above attests to his not feeling 100 %.)

By Thursday evening (post-nausea event in the kitchen) he was smiling and lively as usual though still saying 'no' about camp. I suppose he might be associating it with his queasy stomach, alas? We'd like him to say good-bye on Friday as that's the last day the camp is open. We'll see what Charlie communicates to us Friday morning.

Frankly, I'm pretty pleased that Charlie, in the ways he could, let us know he was under the weather.

The shirt is easy to spot



I'm sorry to hear about Charlie's nausea. Have you tried having him eat crackers or soup?

Also, maybe Pedialyte would help if it's really bad because that helps restore electrolytes. I've had doctors reccomend Gatorade to replenish electrolytes, but for some reason Gatorade always gives me a headache.

I hope I've been of help, and Charlie feels better soon.

Kristina Chew

Thank you for the suggestions, he was better by Thursday night. He chose not to eat anything and then definitely kept a little breakfast down the next morning. Thanks again---

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