16 Miles Uphill All the Way
Into the Pastoral Landscape

Night Bike

Night bike


After Charlie waited 90 minutes plus on the sidewalk looking for Jim to return from an appointment in the black car I got out the bikes, put on the handy-dandy new bike lights I'd found online, Charlie and Jim donned their glow-in-the-dark vests and voilà! A night bike ride -- necessary as the days are getting shorter.


This translation of Catulli Carmen i has absolutely nothing to do with bike riding, whether at night-time or at day time, aut nocte aut luce.


To whom do I give a new-pressed, a small book,

edges still hot from the pumice stone's polish?

Cornelius -- to you. For you alone were in the way

of thinking my scribblings to be something.

Back then even when you alone of the Italians

all their age in three rolls to unfurl,

you took the dare,

and learnèd they were, by Jove, and plum full of labor!

So here, take this for yourself, such as this bit

of a book is, whatever it is, such that

o patron maiden,

it might last more than one era.




Loved the translation! So evocative, and finds fraternity among book lovers down the ages. "Hot from the pumice stone's polish" sounds so much more interesting than "hot off the presses"

Kristina Chew

thank you! I'm working on some more Latin....


I bet it's beautiful these September evenings, biking after dark.

Kristina Chew

Tonight would have been lovely for a ride but Jim wasn't home till past 10pm. Tomorrow.....

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