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They never stop riding

After Sunday's episode regarding shiny tan car #2, Jim got Charlie to get back on his bike and they finished their ride.

Monday afternoon, Charlie popped right up from the blue couch where he was sinking into a nap and said 'bike ride' when Jim walked in the front door from the train.

I am quite sure that Jim had been thinking about this bike ride all day, through teaching and talking to students and traveling to and back from New York. He and I had agreed, best not to go down the street with the car for awhile. Jim has no problem designing new bike routes but Charlie, creature of order, has considerably more struggles to try something new.

But even just getting on the two-wheeler eight years ago -- really twelve years ago, as that's when we tried to get Charlie to sit on his little red and white tricycle in our St. Paul living room and put his feet on the pedals and his hands on the handlebars (after which we pushed him while he sat stiff as a statue) -- all this was once new to Charlie. While there has been quite a bit of tears, 'gnashing of teeth,' parents getting scraped by parts of bicycles, along the way, Charlie has somehow managed to rise to the occasion, in his very balky way.

He and Jim went down a different street Monday and then a few more, for a good long ride in the waning, waning days of summer. Charlie was weepy when they rode onto our front lawn. He's got some major stomach disturbance going on, plus a plague of acne, plus the sads and the lag after Sunday.

But Charlie still asked for, and rode his bike. I think he knows, he needs to keep moving on.




Bummer about the car becoming a source of trouble for Charlie. Do you find that you are on the lookout for things that cause him anxiety, giving YOU anxiety, as well?
My eldest used to be afraid of bees. My daughter used to be afraid of thunderstorms and my youngest refused to go near a friend's pony for awhile after it bit him. They got over it as they matured but for awhile there, bees, thunderstorms and that darn pony made me nervous, too.

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