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Storm and Clean-up

We really have a lot of books

The majority of the books you see are mine. They have been stacked in piles in a corner of our dining room since April, when Charlie got it into his head that all the bookshelves must come down. Jim has been enjoining me to go through the books and take out the ones I need so he can pack away the rest for the basement and we can reclaim a quarter of the dining room. I have been waffling and then, on Wednesday afternoon, Charlie, mad (understandably) that we had removed most of the 'blue Disney' album he has been excessively, obsessively, and only listening to for what seems like weeks -- and also not pleased by a trifecta of no dad home, Thursday off for Rosh Hashanah and ongoing days of wet weather -- threw his iPad, cleared tables, scattered the book piles, threw plastic containers.

Yes, our house is still furnished in such a way that a boy in a behavior storm can storm in, with mess created but that's about it.

Charlie stood for a long time, unmoving. I said something about him helping to pick things up 'when he was ready.'

After several minutes, he got his iPad and sat staring at it on the couch, then played one song, Paul Westerberg singing 'Born For Me.'

Then he got up and picked up some things and we restored the house to order together with one bonus: I finally weeded out the books I want to keep upstairs, and those due for boxing, and the basement.



Dixie Redmond

Your image is funny. I just took a picture of books on my blog yesterday. :-) Ah, books! I love them.

Kristina Chew

I like using e-books but, really, nothing replaces opening up a book with real _pages_!


That is an awful lot to deal with at once..I would think any one of those things could bring on a storm. Glad things settled down. Our house is pretty stripped bare due to the twins' love of watching things scatter, fall or fly.
I still can't get used to reading a book on a screen. I just love having a stack of library books by the bed waiting for me.


Charlie cleaned up all that mess by *himself*? That's amazing! Give him a high-five fist-bump for me. He's doing a lot better than my son AND my husband, who NEVER clean up their messes.

Kristina Chew

@Louise, well, I cleaned up the lion's share but picking up some was a good start for Charlie!

He also has been liking crazy fast running. I do that with him -- and yes, I would say there is an OCD component to the bike riding. So it's actually good that Jim has the one day of working very late so there is no bike riding. So far the bike-ride-less days have been all right; this was the first time there were 'fireworks.'

Kristina Chew

@Alice, our house has a rather bare/stacks o'clutter look -- we always tell people, this whole house is set up to be Charlie-friendly. Jim and I joke it's a bit like 'married student housing' for grad students---likes of rather temporary furniture and boxes and -- as you can see -- piles of books.

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