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A Rage For Order Can Get In Your Way

Gray day (yet another), with bikes

On yet another gray, humid, rainy day here on Friday, Jim texted me that Charlie had successfully boarded the bus (and would go on to a happy school day after a one day holiday), and that it sure was good to hear Desmond Dekker again.

Variety in musical choices is back for Charlie after, like a needle stuck in a scratch on a record, playing the same thing again, again and again. A good reminder for us that Charlie very often needs a bit of a prompt and push to shake up his rage for order.



I remember as a child physically wearing out multiple copies of "Snoopy & The Red Baron"( probably one of the few childhood things that still sounds good to me as an adult, actually, though I haven't bothered listening to it in a long time), and burning out the motors on those little suitcase-style record players they had back then even faster than the records wore out. I suppose that's one way technology has improved things.


I still listen to the same songs over and over on endless repeat. I do have to stop when the sounds begin to wear me down, or when my headphones hurt my ears. I find enjoyment in it. It's a distraction from how much I feel all the time. I don't like being so aware of everything, and the repeating music or videos, or so on help me to tune it all out.

Kristina Chew

Thanks, Char, especially the last point -- lately Charlie has been holding his iPad right up to his left ear (the better to hear).

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