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A Good School Day and a Good School

Easy Come, Easy Go

Every day should be like this

Sunday involved three bikes rides sandwiched between an 8am walk and another at 8pm. It was warm in the middle of the day and there's supposed to be more of the same (mid-60s Fahrenheit) till midweek. We've still been putting out shorts for Charlie to wear, to school, too, and will until it finally just stays cold. After the past few years of working clothing transitions with Charlie, it just seems easiest on everyone to have one transition, rather than any back and forth.

(Besides, there always seem to be some boys who wear shorts year-round.)

The day, and the whole weekend, were pleasantly sunny and blue-skied, and uneventful, i.e., no 'behavioral fireworks.' There was the moments when Charlie got out of the car and charged, loudly, across the parking lot, evoking consternated head-turning from other people. Once I would have been defiant ('he's autistic') or worried about Charlie being 'inappropriate.' Now we've learned, Charlie will be Charlie. After the fast dash, he walked quietly into the store.

It's a point that was reinforced on our morning walk. We had passed a man with a dog on a leash and pushing a stroller. He was very engrossed in talking about the different sounds animal makes and asking the child to respond. After repeated queries about 'what does a horse say,' I heard a little voice from the stroller say 'no.'

Sometimes letting it go is the way to go.



Two nice examples of how children teach adults, eh?

Kristina Chew

I've seen that dad and child and dog since and they've been having quiet walks...

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