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New Adventures

Something Old and Something New in Jersey City

Riding opposite lower manhattan



On a rainy day, the clouds did part so Jim and Charlie had a bike ride at Liberty State Park, site of many a previous fine bike ride. After the ride, Jim and Charlie did something new, a little walk in some other parts of Jersey City, with someone who's part of a local group to preserve some older structures (specifically, a train embankment). We thought Charlie would prefer just to stay in the car but he called for a walk. I wasn't able to go as someone had to stay and keep an eye on the bikes and Charlie did call several times for the white car but he and Jim got a bit of a look around.

On the way home, Charlie started crying: Sometimes when you hold it all together and do a good new thing, the stress expresses itself afterwards.

Charlie continues to listen to a fair variety of music, moving from the Replacements to the Kinks and Barney with a tap of a finger. Teenagerhood is a time of jumping-around emotions; of one moment wanting to seek out the new and the next just wanting to hurry back to the familiar shelter of the faithful white car.

Walk to the Jersey City embankment



I'd love to know more about the walking tour. My husband would enjoy it.

Kristina Chew

@Jill, I'm looking up some information on the embankment; will let you know!

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