Old Friends
Watching For Bipolar

Waiting For Lag

Blake and Charlie hanging at Liberty State Park

I hadn't been sure how Charlie would respond to seeing his friend Blake and Blake's parents and grandmother on Sunday. Charlie has strong reactions to seeing people and on Monday we anticipated some lag. Certainly I found myself having flashbacks to the winter of 1999 in Minnesota, when Charlie was wrapped up in doing 40 hours a week of ABA and we'd met Blake and his parents and were all stumbling around to figure out what to do for our kids.

Charlie was slow to wake up but somehow (magic, if you ask me) Jim got  him to get out of bed, just in time for the bus. His teacher wrote that he was a little upset on getting to school but he was smiling by the end of the day. The rest of Monday unfolded in a very non-controversial way, with a bike ride (in perfect autumnal crisp but not cold weather) and an ice cream run.

I have my running shoes by the door and was waiting for Charlie to stand at the top of the stairs and say 'yes walk.' He did call from the second floor but it was to ask me to turn the internet on for his iPad and then for a snack in his room -- a sign that Charlie had no intentions of a neighborhood constitutional.

It could mean he'll be bursting with energy and wanting multiple of walks and bike rides in the days to come. It could also be that, after a very full weekend including 14 mile bike rides in the wind and up hill and down dale, he's in need of rest and if that's in place of the perturbations of lag -- that would be very good.




I like Charlie's sweatshirt. Do he and his friend interect much?

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