Action and Reaction
Tuesday Before Thanksgiving

After Worry

Dusk riders

Despite being tired and weary on a Monday when, the majority of the leaves being off the trees and brown instead of yellow or orange or red, you know it is the later part of autumn, Charlie got up on his own for the 7.35am bus; went through the day with extra anxiety noted; came home and snacked and waited for Jim to get back; rode bikes in the dusk with reflective vests and bike lights blinking and with some rain, but nothing like the downpours they've been through; ate dinner and moved various things (a black fleece vest, Jim's shoes with socks tucked neatly in them) around to his systematic liking; went, very pleasedly, to bed.

And fell so soundly asleep at 8.30pm that he slept through Jim leaving to get my parents at the airport, my parents arriving, us talking.

Once again, having that much anxiety takes a lot of energy.

(On the part of the parents too.)



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