Gloves and Lunch Boxes
While waiting for the σουπερ boy's bus

Start of the Annual Holiday Anxiety Season

Glowing in the dark


It's been so warm (mid 60s) -- well, after it snowed and wrecked thousands of trees -- that I've near forgotten next week is Thanksgiving, meaning that the holiday season is upon us with resulting schedule disruptions, days off, talk of how holly-jolly- joyous 'the season' is when Charlie would just rather plod about his business.

I suspicion that was why Charlie got 'out of the blue' upset at school and then, post fun and fine bike ride, got knocking-over-furniture, throwing-stuff upset at home.

Furniture can be righted and walls cleaned and a boy who gets beyond ANXIOUS is just trying to communicate ineffables.

I added days to Charlie's calendar and am scheming all the way to New Year's Day 2012.

Happy holidays, here we come.

(Or should I say, ho ho ho oh no?)



Brenda (mamabegood)

Yep, exactly. High anxiety beginning here, too.

a parent

No post in the wee small hours of 11/16/11? You're always so consistent. Hope everything is OK.

Kristina Chew

Thanks for checking in -- just posted, 12 hours late.

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